Denali Expedition 2017

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Denali Expedition 2017

June 19,2017

It is very sad moment for me,all Nepalese Mountaineer and the Nepal Mountaineering Association to loose one of the best mountaineer of Nepal, Mr. Sanjay Pandit who represented our country Nepal throughout the world through his climbing skills and ability. Though he was unable to summit his last Seven Summit mountain, Mt. Denali but requested me and Mr. Tashi Lakpa Sherpa to take the banner which shows the 70 years of Friendship between Nepal and USA. This shows the love of Mr. Sanjay towards his country.Though today he is not with us but he will be remember for his passion and love towards the country and mountain.

On June 15, Mr. Tashi Lakpa Sherpa and I summited Mt. Denali via West Buttress at 7 PM(Alaska Local Time).

Besides this all I would like to thanks Sherpa Foundation for supporting many people living in different parts of Nepal and even helping the country for its development. I am very proud to take the banner of Sherpa Foundation in two different mountains till now. Here are some photos on summit.

-Tashi Sherpa

June 7,2017

Yesterday on June 6, the team met Vern Tejas, one of the famous climber of the world. And today they are now heading to the Denali Base Camp from Talkeetna Airport at 9 am(Alaska Local time).They will be reaching on Denali BC soon.

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June 4, 2017

Today “Everest to Denali Exp 2017” team, Tashi Sherpa(Team Leader), Tashi Lakpa Sherpa(Member) and Sanjay Pandit(Member) has safely reached to Anchorage,Alaska for their Denali Expedition 2017. Now the team will be heading to Denali Base Camp after couple of days.

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